Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been living in a motel of sin but i wouldn't trade my life for the one you're living

There is something to be said about musicians who happen upon a time and place where they are able to play with other gifted artists. It happens all across the medium of what we like to term art. Van Gogh and Gaughan. Ensor and Rousseau. Hepburn and Givenchy. Scorsese and DiCaprio. We see the same thing in music. For example Cory Chisel's latest album, Death Won't Send A Letter. The first single off of this blistering and caustic record is "Born Again." If you do not feel for the track from the first listen then I invite you to watch the video. It is all the delicious aspects of the opening credits to True Blood. That same gritty-dust-between the teeth-spine tingling blessing of images brings Cory's song to life in a visceral way that nothing else could besides a live performance. If you do not realize how talented Cory is by this point then for shame. In a day and age where the Kings of Leon have become the bread winners for everything that is gritty, soulful, southern rock in roll the rest of us remember those albums they started off with. Those honest yarns about sleasing around with girls and drinking too much booze. Cory graduates with each cord he caresses on his guitar. But back to my former argument because I think that the key element on this album that helped push our dear singer to his potential is the presence and friendship of Mr. Brendan Benson. Touring with Jack White really does teach you a thing or two. We are luckier for that. I can only wish on lucky white stars at night that this continues to grow onwards from this...for we could all use a lot more songs such as this one. Thank you Cory.

Cory's album Death Won't Send A Letter is due out September 29th via Black Seal Records.

Aug 22- Madison Roots Festival-Middleton, Wisconsin
Aug 25- City Winery-New York, New York
Aug 31- Media Club-Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 1- The Crocodile-Seattle, Washington
Sep 2- Peter’s Room at Roseland-Portland, Oregon
Sep 3- Strawberry Festival-Yosemite, California
Sep 14- Troubadour-Los Angeles, California
Sep 15- Downtown Brew-San Luis Obispo, California
Sep 16- The Independent-San Francisco, California
Sep 18- Casbah-San Diego, California
Sep 19- Martini Ranch-Scottsdale, Arizona
Sep 22- The Wiltern-Los Angles, California
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