Friday, March 20, 2009

After all of this is all said and done, who would you rather be?

One day last week I was walking to work loving Neko Cases' latest album and had the realisation that thus far 2009 is so the year of the vicious lady-singer. Sorry boys, but it totally is. Think about it. We have new music from all of the following vixens who could toss and trounce you in about two seconds flat: Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O), Ladyhawke, Lily Allen, Neko Case, Bat for Lashes, Lady Sovereign, Emmy the Great and my personal favorite: Metric. Now Metric has a little spitfire as a vocalist that you might happen to recognize the name of, Emily Haines. She only was part of the one and only great, Broken Social Scene that broke off into super group after super group. Maybe that is where Emily gained her superhero powers. This latest Metric album could be the soundtrack for any girl who is going through anything that is even the slightest bit frustrating or disheartening. Plug a little Emily Haines into your Ipod and everything you come across will be a little bit easier to deal with. Which is a feat it it's own right. If you watch the video posted below of Emily touring Argentina she is simultaneously frighteningly fragile yet strong as steel. Admitting to her fears and her deepest desires for her art which she holds closer than a second skin we realize what it is that draws us to her as both a front woman and as a feminine presence. She is the girlfriend you would go to for advice but also hold in your arms if she needed them. Listening to her talk to you just know she is destined for great things. Beyond what she and her bands have already done. Emily Haines is a lady for the history books. You follow her wistful gaze as she looks over Buenos Aries and you feel it in your heart. She has wisdom beyond her years and though she might not feel it strength to last the ages. This new Metric album is stellar. Catchy and spewing with pop it is also classy and brazen. The album will be released on April 7th by the band itself and will be available for digital download on March 31st. If you visit the bands website you will also see a ton of pre-released packages and free gifts for ordering early. Keep an eye out for tour dates sometime late spring and into the summer.

Metric-Collect Call.mp3

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