Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hungry Villagers

I have been trying to read J.D. Salingers' Franny and Zoey since New Years. This statement is a sorry fact to make for it is an incredibly skinny novel and Mr. Salinger is considered one of our countries most brilliant writers. I however have no warm feelings for the fella. His stories are messy patch-worked versions of self-indulgent characters that remind me of the sort of lot I spent four years of college avoiding except for two hands worth of friends that I would not trade for anything. However, one quote within its pages rang so blisteringly true that I have stuck with it and decided to give Mr. S. another shot.

" And the old horror of being a professional writer, and the usual stench of words that goes with it, is beginning to drive me out of my seat. It seems terribly important to try, though."

The same spirit has brought me back to at least trying to write again and the perfect band to start with on a list of many are the Hungry Villagers. With everyone getting ready to head down to Austin for this years' SXSW if there was one band I would be tapping my feet in anticipation to it would be this foursome from Houston. They only have one show and hopefully someone will see their live show and add them to more. Their lush and foreboding sound captured my heart and quickened my pulse immediately. A combination of so many sounds I hold dear in a year of music that has not really found its pace yet-they stand out as a shining beacon of beautiful creations occurring despite the recession, friends and family losing jobs, chaos abroad and a winter that ceases to release us from its' grasp. Listening to the Hungry Villagers is to release a burst of hope and fresh spring air. Abraham Houck, Jacob Houck, David Houck, Ferrik Hallaron IV are the players involved. They have a key element that always makes me giddy with delight--the family connection. Abe and Jacob are brothers from South Africa, drummer Ferrick is used to be a member of the band Midnight Pilots. Their catchy single, Little Fingers is available digitally and on glossy vinyl March 17th with a version of Tree Full of Ghosts as a b-side. My personal favorite is Sleeping With My Milk, a stirring and muffled lullaby/lovesick poem/brutially honest letter:

My voice drowns in your laughter, take these tears you're after

As is the lesson with most things worth learning more than one listen is worth your time and you will be thankful.
Hungry Villagers-Tree Full Of Ghosts.mp3


David Houck said...

Thank you so, for the encouraging writeup! I hope you are able to make the SXSW show! Keep well, and God bless!

David Houck

Shelves of Vinyl said...

thank you so much David. I wish I could come see you at SXSW. Hopefully you will find a reason to come north sometime very very soon. All the best.