Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring...where the heck are you?!

Arriving back in my beloved city tonight I was not a happy little girl. First, what the heck weather gods?! What the heck. It is almost April. It has been freezing since November. Give a girl a break already. Now normally I try not to huff and puff about the seasons because I choose to live where I do and one of the reasons for loving New York is because we have seasons. Each shade of Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall in all of their glorious colors and textures. However this year I have had my fill of winter. Sorry my beloved hiver, but I have. I fell four times this year total during snowstorms. I have had my heat a blastin since before Turkey holidays. I forget what it is like to be in the sunshine. When I go out doors my eyes sting and cause tears to run down my cheeks. I have never before been wishing for Spring like I am right now. Only a few short weeks away I know in my heart of hearts I am being a bit of a brat about it all. However, when missing warmth and days of dancing on the beach I turn to my music. And New Zealand again has all the answers I could possibly need and want. Surf City are kind on the ears for anyone who loves the collective of animals. They are youthful, boysterious, anxious and full of joy.

Their various influences are, "footloose and groundhog day. pavement, sonic youth, the clean, velvet undergound, the jesus and mary chain, the beach boys, the zombies and various other reissues." I cannot chose a favorite out of their songs because they are each delightful and happily at home on even the greyest of March days. I am hoping that everyone starts loving them as much as I do-for New Zealand is very far get on it you music loving folks! Let's get them over here STAT. I think we all could use a lil bit o sunshine.
Surf City-Mt. Kill.mp3
Surf City-Free The City.mp3

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