Monday, March 23, 2009

I found you one day with a mouth full of attitude and you stole me away, you stole me away

Oh Modular records. You've done it again. Ladyhawke is loverly. She is not exactly anything we have not heard before but she does it with equal amounts of sass and class and hailing from New Zealand sets her apart from our local hometown tarts that float around the States pop charts. She is in town this week during the post SXSW fallout that happens each year. She is one of the only artists that I would want to catch before she leaps back across the great divide. Her songs are like crack. Magic is by far my favorite and although the blogs have been pushing Paris is Burning as well I would recommend just sitting down with the record and listening to how she planned for it to flow. Manipulating Woman is equally as fetching and full of spitfire. My Delirium could possibly be the sneak-attack-sleeper hit of the album. The beat will completely transport you back to the 80's with scenes from films like Heathers or Fast Times flashing through your mind. Couldn't you totally see Winona rocking out to this around her bedroom before Christian sneaks into her bedroom to try and kill her? Heck yes! In a completely good way of course:
Catch Ladyhawke tomorrow night at Bowery Ballroom if you are around or Thursday night at Studio B. I recommend the Studio B show...this lady's music is MADE for dancing!
Ladyhawke-Back Of The Van.mp3

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