Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Because I Am Putting Up With Your Constant Way

When I saw that my favorite tastemaker started his own video blog session as well I was so happy it was like a little "indie rock christmas." Laundromatinee sessions are beautifully recorded and shot and are holding the empty place in my heart until I can finally start something like this on my own...that is CONSTANT in NYC. For now helping KEXP will have to do and my friend Louis does an amazing job, so please check out all of his work here.

Moving along I have been obsessed with the Scottish band the Twilight Sad for a few years now. I have seen them every time they come through the city, most recently opening for Mogwai at Williamsburg Music Hall. At home on Fat Cat Records along with We Were Promised Jetpacks (also love) and Frightened Rabbit they have received more blog coverage with their new album than ever before and for good measure. Their live shows are some of the most passionate and piercing performances that I have witnessed to date. Not much movement is happening but the delivery is hauntingly other-wordly. Lead singer, James Graham is a presence unto himself. I recommend checking them out as often as possible. Their talent it something people will be talking about more frequently as they grow with each song they record. For now, check out their Laundromatinee session from this summer's Monolith Festival at Red Rocks.

*The Twilight Sad's 2009 release, Forget The Night Ahead is out now and can be purchased here.
*Twilight Sad Tags.

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