Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am yours now...

"You used to have all the answers
And you still have the too.
And we, we live half in the daytime.
And we, we live half at night

Tonight the streets of Williamsburg were dark by 4:5o PM as winter creeps closer and closer. It is almost December. The month where everyone will roll out their best of lists for 2009. Since I barely wrote at all this year I am at least trying to get a head start on putting some concrete thoughts down about artists, records and songs that I loved. Similar in formation to the title of their hit single "Crystalized" The XX infiltrated their way into the ears of listeners across the globe and proceeded to conquer with their slow, suffocating, humid, liquid melodies that enclose you in a cave of overwhelming emotion and sound. If it is your sort of thing. I caught their first show of CMJ (except for their KEXP in studio session at The Cutting Room Studios in NYC) at the Mercury Lounge to a sold out crowd.

When I arrived at the venue there was a line around the corner. One of my favorite local bands, Javelin opened with their own sincere style of electronic beats, lashes and whips. They are stellar in every way and I highly recommend seeing them. They are crisp, bright and energetic---full of talent and fire-so keep an eye on them.

The XX slid onto the stage, silently moving through the crowd and assembling themselves with a nervous energy in the air. Cracking the empty breath of the waiting audience with "Intro" they entered their set with the same stealth and cunning perfection as their record. Granted it might not be for everyone. Their music has a quiet strength to it and their live show did not have much going on besides watching them play their songs. For me...all of this works beautifully. Almost to a fault. Their record is so good---each song is loaded with such naked lyrics that it tends to either effect you immediately---or you are at a loss for the understanding of what it is that they do so well. My clever and beyond talented friend Louis captured them on video for their song "Crystalized" below. My favorite thing about this clip is it captures how young and innocent they are. I sincerely hope to keep the honestly and innocence of their songs that they stay this way. They are perfection.

*For more videos from CMJ visit Electric Tweed
*The XX are currently touring check dates here. They will be back in nYc at Webster Hall on December 5th with The Friendly Fires

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