Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I danced around your folk and soul

Last night was the third time i have seen Kings of Leon and it was their best show yet. In front of a sold out crowd the swooning southern foursome unleashed songs from their latest album, 'Because of the Times' - without a doubt their strongest effort to date. Whereas 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' was staked full of southern rock and roll with lazy slurry lyrics backed up by raucous drumbeats via drummer Nathan Followill and whining guitar solos 'Because of the Times' shows that this band has grown up. And all for the better. The audience loved each song selection as much as the next and i was happy to be in a crowd that could not have been more overjoyed to see one of their favorite bands perform yet another stellar live show. It is no surprise, since Kings of Leon have had much practice with touring, opening for the likes of U2, Pearl Jam and Bob Dylan. The band played for a little over an hour and a half and will definitely be a treat for all of their upcoming festival and European tour dates. They might have officially arrived on the scene after 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' they are definitely here to stay armed with strength and creativity that only gets stronger with each album.

It is rare to be able to see a band pull off exactly what Kings of Leon can with each song. Caleb delivers his lyrics with a growling passion and brazen affection, remaining cool and confident all while cranking out music along with his fellow bandmates, Nathan, Jared and Matthew. I cannot wait to see which direction they take next. Last night was one of those shows you hope will never end. They played favorites, Bucket, Slow Night, So Long, King of the Rodeo, Taper Jean Girl, California Waiting, Milk, Pistol of Fire, Four Kicks, as well as Charmer, Knocked Up, On Call, Black Thumbnail, True Love Way, Arizona and Fans all of which squealed with perfection and gleamed like the southern gems they are.
****Don't forget that the PRESALE for their September 19th date at Radio City Music Hall starts today at 12:00!!!****

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