Thursday, June 21, 2007

My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation...

Latest video from Kate Nash. Ladies, this song is highly catchy- you have been warned. Plus, if you are missing Lily Allen Kate is a perfect new love for you with simple, sweet little love songs. I must admit, those Brits have us outwitted when it comes to music videos. Maccabees, Lily Allen, Klaxons, Muse, Pigeon Detectives, Arctic Monkeys ...all with clever, creative little clips. Thank goodness for Feist, oh wait- she's Canadian. Damnit! Guess we have to stick to our rap videos. ICks!

*No worries, the goldfish were not harmed at all during the filming of this video: Director: Kinga Burza: "The goldfish was bought especially for the shoot so at the end, it was adopted by one of the runners."
Foundations (Metronomy remix).mp3
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