Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Official

Shelves of Vinyl loves Cloud Cult. Jaime already loved them for their beautifully mystical music and their incredible live show. Whereas i enjoyed that they have a painter accompany them on stage and today fell for them all over again because one of the reasons they refuse to sign with a record label: because they want to use recycled plastic in the distribution of their albums. Well, environmentally sound elements in a bands' production completely pushes me over the edge. Along with KEXP in-studio sessions- so i recommend you check theirs out right away.

Oh and go out and buy all of their albums as well, and tickets to their show...hey, bands like this need your support!
Pretty Voice.mp3


Anonymous said...

i bumped into ur blog by mistake ...
i think its a wonderful job that ur doing ....the whole support for those underground bands ....
i'm definitely gonna consider ur advice ...and download a few songs ..
Red Pepper

Shelves of Vinyl said...

well thank you very much. we love that you enjoyed what you read and we hope you enjoy what you hear! all of these bands are incredibly deserving of being written about so we try our best to let them know that! all the best to you!