Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Pierces

The Modern Age gave the Pierces performance such a good review from last night during Tricia Romano's "Fly Life" 5th Year Anniversary Party that i wanted to share it just to spread the word around a little bit more on a duo that i already dearly loved. I have always been a fan of the sister's music and have seen them live a few times and never understood why more people had not covered their shows. Their latest tour opening for Albert Hammond, Jr. has placed them a bit more where they deserve to be and hopefully we will be seeing more dates for them soon. Their album, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge hit the stores on March 20th. It is fitting that the event was held at The Box which could not be a more perfect setting for the tale these two sisters weave. My favorite bit about their creative mystical vibe is the story that they wrote on their myspace page describing their beginnings. It is a complete modern fairytale- just like their songs.
*Tripwire Review


Anonymous said...

Aren't they fabulous. If you think they're great in this pic you should be at a concert!!! Amazing

Anonymous said...

I love their songs =P. And they are also like me and my sister. Born two years apart and oldest has brown hair youngest blonde.