Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Art Brut at Bowery Ballroom

So with this being the fourth time that I have caught Art Brut, I must say my faith has been restored in this band after tonights show. Never losing faith that this band has what it takes to put on a damn solid live show, the last time I saw them at Irving Plaza that "IT" factor was not there (that "IT" factor was sure as hell there when I saw them at the Knitting Factory and definitley at the Siren Festival). Recently Art Brut freely gave away an "unmastered" EP titled "It's a Bit Complicated" via their website and I must say I was instantly hooked on them again. Tonight at the Bowery Ballroom with their new EP on display they blended it with
their solid debut album "Bang Bang Rock & Roll". From start to finish the show had the crowds energy at a high and Art Brut put on their "Art Brut Style Show"....Eddie Argos delivering his story telling lyrics in a rather normal conversational voice on top of that "not too complicated" rock & roll...hey, it works and is fun! The highlight of the show was definitley "Modern Art" which saw the crowds fists in the air and Eddie taking his usual dip in the audience and running around the Bowery.
Fyi, if you plan on hopping on the stage at one of there shows, don't do it cause if you do so you will be tossed aside rather quickly and grabbed off the stage by the stage hand who demonstrated this during one clowns move during the encore tonight.

-Jaime W.



*photo from KF show via Brooklynvegan

**Shelves of Vinyl happily welcomes Jaime with open arms. After much prodding he has agreed to write reviews from some of the fantastic shows he attends weekly. Jaime loves music more than anyone i have ever met and he should have his own blog, his taste is that good- so until he does, check out his reviews here from now on!

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