Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blockbuster movies with Indie-friendly soundtracks

Lately it feels like someone is playing a trick on us music lovers. MTV is actually introducing some decent *new* artists lately like The Fratellis, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Silversun Pickups instead of its usually emo sludge and rap repeat beats and Spider Man 3 has a kicking soundtrack. It is like the rest of the world is catching on that people out there want and need good music. Now if only we could take back the record store market and kick out Walmart! One dream at a time i guess.

Check out the track listing:

Spider-Man 3 Official Soundtrack
01. "Signal Fire" - Snow Patrol
02. "Move Away" - The Killers
03. "Sealings" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
04. "Pleased To Meet You" - Wolfmother
05. "Red River" - The Walkmen
06. "Stay Free" - Black Mountain
07. "The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be In Love" - Flaming Lips
08. "Scared Of Myself" - Simon Dawes
09. "The Twist" - Chubby Checker
10. "Sightlines" - Rogue Wave
11. "Summer Day" - Coconut Records
12. "Falling Star" - Jet
13. "Portrait Of A Summer Thief" - Sounds Under Radio
14. "A Letter To St. Jude" - The WYO's
15. "Small Parts" - The Oohlas

Not to mention that the movie looks pretty awesome to begin with- this might have to rival Indiana Jones and Star Wars as my favorite sequels series. (And yes, i only listed one blockbuster movie with an indie friendly soundtrack...i am expecting more to come out as the summer movie season kicks into full gear!)

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