Friday, April 20, 2007

Bjork on Saturday Night Live

Friendly reminder Bjork is slated to perform songs from her highly anticipated upcoming album "Volta" on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. Her album is due to hit stores on May 8th (the same day as her Apollo show) and so far I have heard "Earth Intruders" and seen the fantastic video. As always an album from Bjork stirs excitement amongst us music industry types because let's face it, lady is clearly one of the biggest female innovators in music- EVER. As for Saturday Night Live they are doing quite alright when it comes to booking talent this season, Arcade Fire, Lily Allen, Bjork...keep it up folks!

"In other news, Bjork has announced a contest giving fans the opportunity to create the video for her new song, 'Innocence'. To assist aspiring videographers, song lyrics, album photos, and images of the sculpture Bjork wears on the cover of her forthcoming album are available on her website: The unreleased track is now streaming from Bjork's MySpace. She is expected to determine the winner of the competition in July."

*MusicSlut has posted the "Earth Intruders" video
Earth Intruders.mp3

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