Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Maccabees

One of my close friends has excellent taste in music even though we sometimes disagree on certain 'sounds.' However she introduced me to The Maccabees a few months back and shared the video for their first single, 'First Love' and it was so creative and adorable i kinda fell in love.

I am excited to announce that they will be stateside lending support to Bloc Party and The Noisettes who MusicSlut gave a rave review. I definitely think they have the sound to find a happy audience and second home within New York. We shall see. Here is a bit of info on the boys and tour dates:

The Brighton based 5 piece are made up of Orlando Weeks (vocals, 23), Hugo White (guitars, 20), Felix White (guitar, 22), Rupert Jarvis (bass, 20) and Robert Dylan Thomas (22) but all grew up in South London, near Clapham Common.

tour dates
First Love.mp3

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