Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeahs posting

Spawned on by the announcement of their spot during this year's Lollapoloza AND a song for the upcoming Spiderman 3 i curiously wondered if they have any other tour dates or news and here is what i found:

"We are about to be reunited in NYC for the rest of March, working on a savory project that we hope all of you will dig into eventually, second helpings advised- you'll hear more from us very very soon in regards to this...Brian has been drumming up multiple performances in Brooklyn he has no performance anxiety, he go all night, he go boom. Nick is bouncing around the globe and when I say "globe" I mean the 5 boroughs! Last I heard from him he was eating something really crunchy on the other side of the phone. I'm getting over a cold that has taken my voice away, such a relief, I use that thing too much. Just wanted to tip y'all off on my favorite new records, "Nine Time That Same Song" by Love is All, I know it's said often but I can't remember the last time I've listened to a Record over again and then over again and then again again. Check them out if you're a curious person with "needs". The other is "Cryptograms" by Deerhunter, mine ears have heard the glory of Bradford COX, not too badlookin' these guys either. In fact they are good lookin, yeah, go look'em up!"

I hope for more Yeah Yeah Yeahs' tour dates as i have YET to see them! Craziness, i know.

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