Thursday, April 19, 2007

All You Rock & Rollers

Now move with your lover, or friend, or stranger next to you...NOW! Last night marked the first time i have seen Ghostland Observatory even though i have been dancing to them ever since my first listen during John in the Morning's set on KEXP. For those of you who do not regularly listen to the wonderfulness that is John in the Morning let me tell you- you should- because the man has more taste than most record labels A&R departments ever could. The bands' two albums "" and "Papparazzi Lightning" are on regular rotation here in my office.

So, if you have ever heard a song of theirs then close your eyes and imagine a man singing/screetching/howling at the top of his lungs backed up with nothing other than, yep, you guessed it-lasers. But in a good way, the best way. Everything i had heard about their shows turned out to be true and what a performance they put on. Bowery Ballroom was sold out and the only lighting came from a laser machine propped up in the center of the stage aimed at the back bar. Strobe lighting during the second encore made the scene turn into a full on dance rave. Take that Studio B! I wish i had a camera just so i could share photos of what was happening on stage to accompany these fantastic dance effects. Singer Aaron Behrens showed no signs of holding anything back as he struted across the stage with his hair cleanly parted into two long braids, an turquoise indian mock, and sunglasses. His bandmate, Thomas Turner was decked out in a silver cape madly performing to the crowd with as much intensity as Behrens.

As for the music itself the vocals were delivered with such clarity especially when you were watching Behrens dancing, swaggering, jumping all over the stage, not a single note was breathy or hushed. There is a reason that everyone was talking about them after South by Southwest. Even NPR has a live session for you to check out. I would love to see them again, maybe along side someone as charasmatic and crazy as Karen O, now that would be a dreamlike combo for a bill. Aaron is just that much of a rockstar, no other way to describe his persona. Their music is incredibly vivid. Electronic with a pop twist backed up with lovely old school guitars, drums, synthesizers, and keyboards. Take note of this band because after their performance at Lollapalooza they will most likely gain an audience of noteable size to finally match their incredibly massive sound and personality.

06 Sad Sad City.m4a
07 Stranger Lover.m4a

*Brooklynvegan was very lovely and linked to my posting of this review. I was reading through his comment section and found this blog which is almost entirely devoted to Ghostland Observatory with some excellent live shots from the show the other night. Thanks again BV and ENJOY!


Jaime said...

That show was HOT!

Anonymous said...

They are exactly what I hoped them to be times 100...Their perfomence was so on point that if I closed my eyes it felt like I was listening to their albums. These guys put on such a great show that if you didn't like them before the show you sure as hell did after! I especially loved when he broke out into his Native American tribal dance moves...GO SEE THIS BAND LIVE IF THEY ARE EVER IN YOUR TOWN!!!

Shar said...

I wasn't able to go to this show (pity!) but I did see them at last year's Austin City Limits Festival and they were so so good! Definitely see them if they come to your area!