Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rosewood Thieves This Friday

If you were not able to make it out for their most recent show at Tonic definitely head over to the Living Room this Friday night. Yes, yes, Hot Chip is playing that night as well- but you COULD do both if you really tried and Rosewood Thieves are worth testing out your show hopping skills. Especially since it would seem that our little New York secret will not be secret for long. Apparently their song, "Los Angeles" will be featured during upcoming episodes of hit shows Grey's Anatomy and Entourage. Now, it is one thing to be featured on Grey's Anatomy which loves indie music more than any other tv show out there since The O.C.-but Entourage! Very fitting. The second season of Entourage featured Kings of Leon on almost every episode along with Muse, U2, The Rolling Stones, Jay Z, The Clash, Beck and others. As anyone who religiously watches HBO like i do knows that every single song picked for any of their series always is a perfect fit and a well thought out selection (you know you remember the closing scene for Six Feet Under with Clair driving her little hybrid while Sia swoons in the background). Congrats Rosewood Thieves! Their upcoming EP "From The Decker House" is slated to be re-released in early June with an end of the month release for six of their new songs. Saturday night the band is opening for Jesse Malin at the Mercury Lounge. If by some force of nature you cannot attend either of their shows, stay tuned to their website for more date announcements and mark down their residency at Pianos- also in June.
*very good Article from PASTE Magazine
01 Los Angeles.m4a
02 Back Home To Harlem.m4a

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