Monday, April 23, 2007

David Vandervelde Weekend in NYC

A couple months back my friend, whose lovely blog this is, gave me a couple of tracks of David Vandervelde to listen to and I instantaneously became hooked. I headed straight to e-music and picked up a copy of his latest album "The Moonstation Band" and it has been on heavy rotation ever since. The sound this kid creates to me is a perfect mix
of David Bowie meets T-Rex...who can complain about that?

So last night marked my first time seeing David Vandervelde and the new Luna Lounge in Williamsburg. Just real quick, I must say the Luna Lounge was much nicer than I had expected and quite easy to get to from Manhattan...will definitely be back if the right artist is playing. Anyhow back to Vandervelde and his band. Prior to the show while I was grabbing a beer David was right next to me and this boy threw down a double shot, grabbed his beer and headed straight to the stage....right in that moment I knew this kid would be bringing the heat with tonights' performance.

David and his band took the stage and played a 45 minute set of straight rock and roll. What makes this band different than so many of the bands that play in this "indie circuit" is that David can wail on guitar and is not afraid to do so. Many of the tunes consist of 2 - 5 minute guitar jams that truly keep the audience engaged (this could be exhibited by the fact that there was literally no chatting amongst the audience while the band was performing). I think it was maybe in the second or third song in the night that David broke one of his guitar strings and in good rock fashion David just kept going as if it was no
big deal to play everything one scale higher for the rest of the David pointed out, the problem would have been fixed but their "guitar tech was in LA". He also ventured into the audience during one of his jams while playing a blistering jam and even kissed a girl in the front row while rockin' got SKILLS. I also must point out that besides David, he brings on board one fine drummer and a bassist that literally drops bombs on the bass. Overall, great set and cannot wait for Pianos!

Also for those of you that do not know, a prairie shot is a shot of tequila mixed with Tabasco sauce and the band graciously excepts them and will throw 'em back on stage.

-Jaime W.

Murder In Michigan mp3


Sunday night's set at Pianos was a bit on the short side as the boys seemed tired from their show the previous tonight. Jaime and i both highly recommend you arrive with enough time before Spoon at Bowery Ballroom tonight to see David and gang. His drummer Derek also is a member of the band Entrance out of Los Angeles and i highly recommend you checking out their album, Prayer of Death. They recently supported Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks on his extensive West Coast tour back in January as well as a set as South by Southwest. Derek is certainly a busy boy!

*The Entrance

Do not forget Richie Kirkpatrick, David's bassist with the almost comical moustache. His other band is named "Ghostfinger" and he is joined by drummer Van "Man-Bull" Campbell and keyboardist, Matt Rowland. My Old Kentucky Blog reports that Richie says the songs are "campfire songs for after the apocalypse." You make your own judgements.

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