Friday, April 13, 2007

Muse poses a worthy question

I am incredibly happy that Gore has decided to involve the music industry in his pledge towards educating the world about our current environmental state via his Live Earth Concert Series. However Matt Bellamy, the lead singer and frontman for UK sensation and Lollapalooza 2007 performer, Muse, has suggested that it might be a bit hypocrytical to support these concerts due to the Artist's reliance upon private jets as a form of transportation. During an interview with BBC Six Music Matt stated, "Private jets for climate change, not sure about it, that seems to be a bit on edge really-that's an issue really, so we need to think about it." The director of Stop Climate Chaos Ashok Sinah retorted claiming that the concerts are going to seriously evalute this means of transportation to further improve upon and promote the true meaning of these events. "The ball to a certain extent is in our court, we have got to make sure that the people that come to us post-concert are actively engaged and get involved in the campaign."

Combining music and the environment are my two biggest loves, so i for one would love to see artists questioning their whole touring process starting with transportation and the use of fuel which seems to be pressing on everyone's minds these days. Bonnaroo should be commended on their continous greening efforts towards a sustainable concert experience. With recycling programs, speakers and vendors for educating the attendees and numerous organic and local contributors to the experience there is no other festival that even comes close to them at this stage in the game. As previously reported, the Oyafestivalen in Olso also has looked into greener means of rocking out. If the artists and fans demand this type of experience it would help the promoters and music industry step it up to the next level!

Here here Muse, thanks for starting the thinking process for others...

*Sasquatch Music Festival also has green means going on- as well as our most beloved radio station KEXP!

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Jim said...

Hey, we're sponsoring a rally here in Seattle today, April 14, organized by Step It Up!