Monday, April 30, 2007

Green Day cover John Lennon for Charity

So i will always be a Green Day fan. It is just one of those things. Many people argue that their music has turned into a muck of pop singles and boring melodies but i still enjoy them and get excited to hear news of Billie Joe and crew. There's was one of the first albums i owned that made me jump around in socks way back in middle school during those awful dances we always had to attend. You know the ones. So it makes me happy to see that as i have grown up so has the band. Devoting their time and songs to good causes such as New Orleans and now Dafur. It is very important to use music to help out such causes as these because if there is one thing music does so well, is capture hope. The band will cover John Lennon's classic song, "Working Class Hero" which will be available as a download via iTunes. The song will feature clips of originial Lennon vocals under the production of Amnesty International. Entitled, 'Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur' the album is slated to be released May 25th in the UK and includes artists U2, Christina Aguilera, Jack Johnson, and many others.

"The full tracklisting will be confirmed shortly, while all music publishing royalties have been donated to the campaign by Lennon's widow Yoko Ono. "It's wonderful that, through this campaign, music which is so familiar to many people of my era will now be embraced by a whole new generation," said Ono of the project. "John's music set out to inspire change and, in standing up for human rights, we really can make the world a better place."
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John Lennon-Give-Peace-A-Chance.mp3

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