Friday, April 13, 2007

Second Live Earth Posting

Why you ask- because it is just that important! Recently Al Gore (who needs no introduction) and Kevin Wall executive producer of Live 8 sat down and answered a few questions for Billboard Magazine. This bit of the article was my favorite but i highly recommend reading the whole piece.

"Billboard: So the music community has embraced this in a big way?

Wall: Huge. And we're going to announce five major sponsors who are doing messaging for the next two years. We have a massive deal with a soft drink company that is going to be giving 2 billion of their cans for messaging; it's a huge recycling program. We have an auto company that's not only introducing a fuel-efficient car, they're buying (emissions-reducing) carbon offsets globally for everyone that buys the vehicle. We're going to announce a wireless handset manufacturer that will announce a global initiative around this. We're going to be announcing two big online efforts outside of Microsoft -- two of the biggest sites in the world that will be driving messaging off their front pages. So what you're seeing with this is not just seven concerts. It's going to be very solution-based, and these major corporations and media companies are giving us a massive amount of space to drive the message. We also have commissioned 50 new short films that are between four minutes and 10 minutes in length by everyone from Academy Award-winning filmmakers to big commercial and music video makers. Forty-four of these are already in production now. We commissioned 30 new PSAs with major stars, which will run across the NBC networks about 150 networks around the world, showing solutions and actions that people can take. In America, the lineup is NBC primetime but also MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, Telemundo, Mun2, Sundance Channel, HDNet. It's also XM and Sirius, five channels each; Premiere Radio's 2,500 channels across the country. We have a major book that's coming out with one of the biggest publishers in the world. It's not like Live 8, a concert where eight days later we have a change. This is the beginning of hopefully a change that's happening around the world anyway, the tipping point of behavior to get government, corporations and consumers to change the way they live and treat the environment. We have a fucking disaster here. We have a red alert."

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