Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spoon and David Vandervelde at Bowery Ballroom

Last night two Austin bands graced Bowery Ballroom with a stellar show. Spoon played to a jam packed sold out crowd following David Vandervelde who opened the show with another rocking show to a sizable turnout.

Spoon....Spoon truly gave the Bowery an all out performance clocking in at over an hour (10:00 till 11:40)...talk about getting your moneys worth (the show sold out in two hours). And as some people complain that sets just get dragged out (i believe this was mentioned about Peter Bjorn and John at the Bowery a few months ago) this was totally not the case last night. I would say about 95% of the crowd stuck around for the full show and not an ounce of energy was lost from the band or the crowd. For me Britt Daniel puts together some fine lyrics complimented by his erratic, yet clean guitar style. As pointed out by ProductshopNYC, the band was positively tight. The show never had a dull moment with a set balanced perfectly with combination of classic and new material.

If Spoon is coming to a town near you- do yourself a favor and catch them. They are playing some amazingly polished music in a truly professional manner.

*And if Steph reads this, I hope your head is not hurtin' too bad today!
**Spoon will return to NYC on July 11th at Battery Park as part of the River to River series

-Jaime W.

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