Monday, April 30, 2007

Perfect Music for Sunny Weather

And if you are missing The Strokes, which let's face it, i always am. Yes yes- this singer/songwriter who hails from San Francisco sounds like an even more muffled Julian Casablancas, but you know you love it. Aria C Jalali! swoons perfect summer time music that i have been addicted to for the last few weeks. I wish i could take credit for the discovery on my own, but i came across it whilst reading Who Killed the Mixed Tape? (which is fantastic so add them to your bloggers list). Apparently we are all a little bit late on this one, their myspace page has over 25,000 fans. Which in myspace language is not bad. Not bad at all.
Bohemia (with a sea).mp3
I was a submarine.mp3

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