Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ballard- Keep your Eyes and Ears OPEN please!

Via John in the Morning's daily email:
Please Keep your Eyes open and your thoughts with a good friend of KEXP.....

Our good friend, Greg Perez, who has provided the photographs for multitudes of KEXP events, had his Ballard home burglarized last Monday April 13th. A few words from Greg:

"We've got homeowners insurance to cover almost everything, which is a relief, but what they did take from us are a lot of the work and memories both of us have collected over the last year. We're talking at least a year's worth of photos, wedding pictures, honeymoon pictures, concert pictures, all of our digital music, our design work, personal correspondences, contact information, the list goes on. Some if not most of it had been backed up, but a lot of our stuff from the last six months had not. It hurts to even type this. We'll likely never see those memories again.

That said, we need your help. It's not often I reach out for it, but here goes: I've compiled a list of the "big ticket" items that they got (there's plenty more, including 200+ DVDs and about 50+ video games, jewelry and other stuff). I'm hoping if you guys see this list and happen to be trolling craigslist or ebay or any other online sellers that you might keep us in mind. Again, the point isn't to get this stuff back, necessarily, but to call out patterns; if a lot of the same items trace back to the same general area or seller, that's evidence we can use."

TV & Entertainment Panasonic 37" Plasma HDTV w/ TV stand, remote, Monster brand component cable, Monster brand HDMI cable TiVo Series 2 w/ Remote TEAC Audio Receiver w/ remote
Computers & peripherals
Dell Dimension 4500 desktop computer w/ 40 gig HD + 80 gig HD, 768 MB RAM, Nvidia GeForce-5600 128 MB graphics card, Sony DVD Burner GQ 5090 Celeron 330 2.66 Intel Celeron D 330 desktop computer Canoscan 8600F scanner
Camera gear
JVC Everio HDD video camera
Canon 20D Digital SLR camera
o Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens w/ B + W brand 55mm UV protector
o Canon EF 100mm f/2.0 lens w/ B + W brand 55mm UV protector
o Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 lens w/ B + W brand 55mm UV protector
o Canon off-camera flash cord
o Canon 550EX flash w/ Sto-fen Flash diffuser, Sto-fen mini soft box attachment
o Canon 20D rechargable batteries x 2
o 1 GB CF memory card x 3 (Kingston, SanDisk)
o Canon digital battery recharger
o Tamrac professional digital camera bag (med)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 camera w/ rechargeable battery (Has a Tamron lens cover)
o Tamrac professional digital camera bag (small)
Pentax Optio X digital camera w/ digital camera case, rechargeable batteries x 2, 1 GB SD memory card
Canon A570 IS digital camera w/ digital camera case, rechargeable AA batteries x 4
Canon Demi-S film camera, Limited edition blue body (RARE)
Video game systems
Nintendo Wii game system w/ Wii remotes x 4, Wii Nunchuk x 2, Wireless Gamecube Wavebird controllers x 2, w/ Mad Catz brand Component cable
Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium system w/ Xbox DVD remote, wireless controllers x 4, wireless headset, Xbox Vision camera
Sony Playstation 2 system, w/ Sony Dual Shock controllers x 4, Sony 8 MB Memory Card, Sony S-Video adapter
Nintendo DS portable game system w/ Nintendo brand carrying case, 5 games
Microsoft Zune digital audio player (Brown) w/ Belkin brand carrying case
Rogue model 4-string bass guitar (black, still has Trading Musician pricetag)

*i am sure if by any chance of luck you do hear word of this you could probably email via KEXP website?!

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