Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sold my cold knot

Usually when i post about Daytrotter in studio sessions i just toss the link onto my blog, invite you- my dearest readers to stop by and check out the songs and that is about it. However, when Bon Iver stops by anywhere it is always a big deal for me. I read each and every uttered statement that pours from his mouth and devour the opening paragraphs leading into his beautiful songs. His album has touched me deeply unlike any other album of it's ilk in quite some time. Of all the live shows i have heard from him this one is definitely my favorite. You can hear the creaking of the chair as he adjusts his crouching position and lovingly strums his bruised guitar. It is simplistic and striking. His is music that weeps and sways. The opening statements that drift into THIS particular session is just as poignant and unabashedly honest as the songs Bon Iver himself shares with us.

Enough has been made out of the cool side of the pillow. Enough with it. It’s just an unused side, nothing more and nothing less. A pillow with potential. It’s just lying there, naked by the headboard. Plenty has been made about the empty warmth of the bed too. The side of the bed, previously occupied, just recently deserted for a different bed. It’s never meant a better bed, necessarily, just a different one, one with different sheets and blankets, different pillows for sure and without question, a different person to share it with. Plenty has been made out of how that warm, oblong shape of space that we can run our hands over and get burnt by the touch is like an obscenity to behold, to have to behold. There’s no way around it. It’s not the same as the warm spot that gets left in the mornings, when the alarm clocks beckon our better half away to an appointment or a job. This is the permanent kind of heat loss. It’s there and then it’s gone like a vapor, the scent of those limp, resting limbs and necks still reeks like betrayal and love, more love, no – more betrayal. …
the rest of the story and the songs you can check out here.

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