Monday, March 3, 2008

How'd you get to find love?

My roommate and i have always been a little bit obsessed with the band Goldfrapp --or more specifically Alison Goldfrapp. This level of affection has recently heightened due to the release of her latest album with her band, Seventh Tree. Departing from the dance floor beats off of Supernature she channels her the voice from her earlier works slipping delicately into a more mature skin that leaves the listener with as sense of enchantment and sensitivity. The album rests comfortably in the company of Felt Mountain a former side-project with Will Greggory released in 2000. Seventh Tree showcases what Alison is known for: her overt sexuality and femininity. Enveloping her lyrics with either tingly, delicate electronic beats or strong and mysterious violins and horns the album unfolds like a signature Goldfrapp storybook leaving our minds swimming with beautifully erotic images and sounds. Recently The New York Times snared Alison for a second to divulge her latest delights within the music community naming two of our favorites, LCD Soundsystem and CSS as artists she enjoys. Goldfrapp has released upcoming tour dates throughout the country, check them out here.
Goldfrapp and Hercules and The Love Affair-remix.mp3
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