Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Spaces inbetween Spaces

Growing up outside of Annapolis, Maryland the days of freedom from the classroom held endless possibilities if you had a keen imagination- which lucky for me my best friend Andrea possessed in overwhelming capacity. From the age of 8 on we were two peas in a pod (after reconciling our differences---we had been sworn enemies since a fated playground encounter in kindergarten). Camping adventures in my backyard turned into dinosaur expeditions and rainy afternoons were spent repeatedly watching Indiana Jones while munching on pancakes and coffee ice cream (her speciality). We were only seperated when i had to truck off to some science-dorky-sleep-away-camp or another. During which we would write each other letters and send mixed tapes. Last night i checked out the most recent chapter in Indy's adventures, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sans my ALW but it was still so overwhelmingly cheesy and elaborate i couldn't help but smile ear to ear and remember some of my fondest childhood memories. It is a hysterical mix of the X Files and good ole' Indiana Jones fun. With the theme song repeated throughout the entire film there was little other music to report besides an Elvis track. Every line was over-acted, including the role of the evil Russian Scientist played by the talented Cate Blanchett. In otherwords, my ultimate Summer Blockbuster delight. Besides, how could anything with Harrison Ford AND Shila be bad? Seriously folks...army ants that can devour two men in about 20 seconds flat... Fantastic.
Ladytron-Ghost (Toxic Avenger Mix).mp3
Ladytron-They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name.mp3

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