Sunday, May 11, 2008

The first time i went to see Radiohead I was 15...

Here is a Sunday Night play list because I never got around to it on Friday and well some of my most beloved are in VA seeing Radiohead tonight (which means i will have to hear stories about it alllll week long). Have a great WEEK kids.
(If you want to download their latest session on the BBC-thanks Six Eyes ).
***And as i was posting this Jaime texted in about how Thom Yorke is ranting about DC/Politics/Our F* idiot of a President and then goes into KArma PoLice. Brilliant.)
Trentemoller-Moan (Trentemoller remix-Radio Edit).mp3
Air-Sexy Boy.mp3
Radiohead-Nude (Low Scores Remix).mp3
Radiohead-Nude (Hipster Runoff Remix).mp3
Radiohead-Reckoner (LoveTongueAttack B*more Remix).mp3
My Morning Jacket-Touch Me I'm Going To Scream.mp3

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