Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When Sun Grows On Your Tongue

*Cred-The Seven Fields Of Aphelion
Summertime is all about spending as much time in the sunshine and cramming in as much quality time with your friends as you can. Even if you are working like a dog you always seem to be able to muster the energy to have that last minute drink, check out that late night dance party or squeeze in that visit to Shake Shack. These are the best bits of staying around the city when the streets get so hot you can't help but lust after greener pastures. Lucky for me one of my nearest and dearest is ever so hip to the latest on the local scene and not only has the best taste but the most diverse of anyone i have ever met. Friday she invited me to check out Super Black Moth Rainbow - (hailing from Pittsburg, PA) which i had heard of back during the dark days of winter but of course, scoffed at in pure indie snobbery form. Their sound just did not capture my affection from the get go, but i am always happy to fess up to my mistakes. Whereas their live show was not the most engaging, they are so adept with their instruments and each other that their sound just washes over you. Accompanying their encompassing production of melodies are some of the most fantastic montages of random images from zombies to what looks like 70s porn that even if you can't see the stage you will be entertained. It is quiet understandable why not so long ago their were opening up for The Flaming Lips. Steeped with depth their sound is seamless and effervescent. The effect is visceral and incandescent. They are playing a Pool Party with MGMT on July 27th-prepare to be won over if you are picking up late in the game like i am. If you like what you hear you should also check out their myspace friends, The Seven Fields of Aphelion who have expanded from making music to photography and graphic arts. Their music is enchanting and the images on their site are just breath taking. If all of this does not immediately inspire you to grab your camera and capture the summertime i don't know what will.
The Seven Fields of Aphelion-Grown.mp3
Black Moth Super Rainbow-Sun Lips.mp3
Black Moth Super Rainbow-Melt Me.mp3
Black Moth Super Rainbow-I Think It Is Beautiful That You are 265 Colors Too.mp3

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