Thursday, May 1, 2008

Support Your Local Music Scene

When i first moved to the city that summer after college there were two albums i purchased in the spring of '04 that defined that first year of becoming aquainted with my new city. Incredibly proud of myself i brought Elefant and the French Kicks, Trail of the Century to a friends' apartment beaming with certainty that i had discovered something he would love. I was wrong. In between my moments of hanging out with friends and waitressing i spent many hours exploring Brooklyn and becoming intimate with Nick Stumpf. The way he could change the mood of each song with by adding the slightest lit to a word or dropping his voice, all at once becoming moody and mysterious. Now it is 2008...Nick and company have a new album, Swimming which hit record stores today. Guitarist Josh Wise is a magician in his own right with his uncanny ability to collaborate with Nick and create a sound that is seeped in New York tradition yet remains fresh and crisp after ten years. The band is rounded out by bassist Lawrence Stumpf (brother to Nick) and Kush El Amin who helps out with additional guitar, percussion and keyboard tricks.
French Kicks-Carried Away.mp3
French Kicks-Also Ran.mp3
The French Kicks-The Trial of the Century.mp3
The French Kicks-Young Lawyer.mp3

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danie said...

i learned how o cartwheel at an elefant show.