Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My latest obsession

Even though i have been battling with computer issues (hence the lack of blogging) this does NOT mean that I have not been doing my homework. Which means listening to my favorite music guru daily via KEXP. Johns' latest discovery, These New Puritans are my guess for the next biggest thing. Currently, their only scheduled US date is at SXSW, which sadly I will not be attending. I have my fingers crossed tightly for some sort of report of their live show from some of my friends who are attending, or even better yet...a live in studio session via KEXP?! Hopefully?! 'Elvis' is the first single off of their upcoming album, Beat.Pyramid is being released in the UK on January 28th (you lucky lucky willies!) via Domino Records and March 18th state side. Unfortunately I do not have a track for you to listen to, so you can check out their myspace page or some of my lovely fellow bloggers posts who have reported on them as well. Keep an eye out for spring dates- it will be this years' ticket to grab!
Check them out here:
*Asian Man Dan
*Indie Dance Floor
*Crackers United

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