Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bang Bang Eche

Bang Bang Eche are THE most adorable rock/punk/New Zealand band I have ever laid my eyes upon. They have more energy than I could ever hope for and have the sound to back it up. They are playing their last show in the city tonight at Pianos' at 7 PM. If you do not have anything else planned-that is where you should be. In case you need more convincing:

10 fun facts about BANG BANG ECHE!!!!!

01. We started out in March 07, after some bands that we were previously in (a hip hop crew, an indie-house duo and an angry punk band) had disbanded!
02. Since then we’ve been touring NZ non stop, playing with superduper bands like Chk Chk Chk (NY), So So Modern, Cut Off Your Hands, Die Die Die, the Mint Chicks, and the Shocking Pinks etc etc!
03. Our synth player Perry used to be a prodigal drum & bass DJ named ‘Vitamin P’ when he was 6.
04. We released our debut self-titled EP in May 2008! You can download the whole thing for free, from our myspace at myspace.com/bangbangeche
05. Our first two ever singles ‘4 To The Floor’ and ‘Nikee’ went straight to #1 on the bNet (NZ college network). The third single ‘Time Mismanagement’ followed shortly after at #4, and even got to #2 on the mainstream Radioscope charts!!
06. Our bassist T’Nealle is fucking brutal. Her reputation in underground fighting circles is unparalleled. Usually she disappears for a few hours when we have just played a show and comes back with a blinging gold belt like wrestlers have, but waaay more ghetto. She has eight pairs of grills that all say “CRUNQ”. (T’Nealle is also said to have written two albums of new material in one week. crazy? yes.)
07. In late October, we are moving to New York to live with our hot managers Moose and M-Liz for a few weeks!!! We are playing at the CMJ Music Festival - you can see us at the CMJ NZMusicCommision Showcase with Cut Off Your Hands, the Ruby Suns, and Die Die Die.
08. After NYC we play some dates in Europe, and stay in London for 2 weeks! Check myspaz for dates!
09. At the same time in London, the ‘4 To The Floor//Fingers In The Till’ 7” vinyl is being released by Zarcorp Records!
10. After Europe, we then return to NZ to play the Rhythm & Vines festival in Gisbourne on new years eve!!

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