Monday, December 10, 2007

Albert Hammond, Jr -second album details...

As much as I love Albert Hammond, Jr and his debut solo album that came out earlier this year, I was very sad to read the latest interview with him via Pitchfork. Sounds like it is going to be ages before we see a new Strokes album. I refuse to venture down the path of them breaking up despite the rumors and well... this interview does not really help us Strokes lovers to feel any small fragment of comfort. Details for Alberts' second solo release include a thirty second pop song and a lengthy eight minute experimental dip into the purely instrumental course of things. It clearly sounds like Albert is enjoying his adventure into writing and working things out his way. If this release is anything like Yours to Keep we are all in for another solid release. Song titles include:"Victory at Monterey", "GfC", "In My Room","Lisa","You Won't Be Fooled By This","Modern Jazz","Spooky Couch", "Bathroom Time", and "And So We Go". If you are curious for when it will be released: "So what's your next move? Getting the album out? When are you shooting for that, and what are your plans after that?"
Albert Hammond Jr: "Yeah. Pretty much, it takes three months. We'll be done January 8th. So, hopefully it comes out the end of March, April. Which would be spring. And then do the whole touring thing, which would be very exciting. Because between our four covers, the first album and second, we'd have 30 songs to play. Which means we can extend the set. I'm dying to go out and play these songs live, just because I'd love to mix them with the first album. To see how different they are would be really fun."
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