Monday, December 10, 2007

Who's got the crack?

Lucky for us music and movie lovers this time of year gives us an abundance to look forward to. From soundtracks that include the talents of Eddie Vedder, Jim James, Antony and Cat Power. A little film out of the Fox Searchlight Studios by the name of Juno adds another heavy soundtrack to the list. Not only does it showcase the talents of my beloved and completely underrated Moldy Peaches and Kimya Dawson the cast includes two of my favorite people working today, Michael Cera and Ellen Page. Michael and Ellen both were members of two of my favorite television shows (Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks) which sadly did not draw enough viewers at the time but have been revered and loved ever since. As the reviews trickle in for this little film the response has been nothing but affectionate and positive for these two young actors. We didn't expect any less. Written by Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman (Thank You For Smoking) the film opens nation-wide this Friday and has already been released in NYC and LA. The soundtrack hits shelves tomorrow and features all those listed below:
Barry Louis Polisar-All I Want Is You
The Kinks-A Well Respected Man
Buddy Holly-Dearest
Mateo Messina-Up The Spout
Kimya Dawson-Tire Swing
Belle And Sebastian-Piazza, New York Catcher
Kimya Dawson-Loose Lips
Sonic Youth-Superstar
Kimya Dawson-Sleep
Belle And Sebastian-Expectations
Mott The Hoople-All The Young Dudes
Kimya Dawson-So Nice So Smart
Cat Power-Sea Of Love
Kimya Dawson And Antsy Pants-Tree Hugger
Velvet Underground-I'm Sticking With You
Moldy Peaches-Anyone Else But You
Antsy Pants-Vampire
Ellen Page And Michael Cera-Anyone Else But You

Meanwhile the other half of Moldy Peaches, Adam Green has released word of his upcoming album, Sixes & Sevens. His fifth solo album to date will be released via Rough Trade Records throughout Europe on March 7th, March 8th in the UK and March 18th here in the states. According to his website and myspace page Adam is hoping to hit up the festivals and is planning a UK tour, European Tour and US Tour all before June. Talk about a busy 2008.
The Moldy Peaches-Anyone Else But You.mp3
Kimya Dawson-I Like Giants.mp3
Adam Green-Friends Of Mine.mp3

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