Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Port O'Brien Videos over at SPIN

Waking up on a sunday morning in a lake house in Conneticut is a pretty charmed life, especially when that includes things like Stew Leonards' chocolate milk and new Port O'Brien videos. Both of the offered selections over off of their may album release, All We Could Do Was Sing are available for you to preview at This time around the band wanted to bank on their rustic, folk sound and energy that they have so adeptly made their signature drawing inspiration from the 20's style of film making. Laden with grainy, color saturated film techiniques my favorite video out of the two is "Stuck on a Boat" which closes with all of the band gathered in a tiny room singing and playing their hearts out. Shot on Super 8 reels both "In Vino Verita"and "Stuck on a Boat" (below) were filmed by director Joey Izzo in the band's hometown of Cambria, CA.

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