Sunday, September 28, 2008

sTArFuCker*...You even have health insurance? What a bore...

The magically talented Sarah Cass
And they say it is all in the name...During a recent trip to Seattle I was turned onto Portland-based band Starfucker and decided that heck, if they were good enough for one of my favorite people over at KEXP then they were good enough for me. One of the things to do whenever you travel to a new city is find out what the locals are listening to. Portland may be a mere three hours a way but their neighboring villagers of Seattle definitely support and adore their home grown artists as much as their own. Kinda like the Manhattan-Brooklyn connection going on here. Their debut (self titled ?) album came out last Tuesday via Badman Recording Co. and they will be hitting the CMJ market heavily during the days of October 22nd and 24th so if you are in the city and enjoying the mass chaos you should check them out. Sure to be compared to Passion Pit, The Flaming Lips, MGMT and anything else that gets the hipster kiddies movin' these days. Enjoy their music before it is splashed all over MTV and playing in Urban Outfitters. It is super catchy and I for one am excited to have this as my soundtrack for those indian summer days as we look ahead to colder days and early nights. Just means more time for dance parties indoors! HEck yeah!
***************TOUR DATES****************
Oct 7-Neurolux-Boise,Idaho
9-Kilby Court-Salt Lake City, Utah
11-High Dive-Denver, CO
13-Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KA
14-Skull Alley, Louisville, KY
15-Skully’s Music Diner, Columbus, OH
16-Talking Head CLub, Baltimore, MD
17-The Red and Black-DC, Washington DC
18-M Room-Philadelphia, PA
22-Cake Shop-nYc-CMJ
22-OS art house-nYc-CMJ
24-Knitting Factory-nYc-CMJ
26-Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH
27-The Hide Out-Chicago, IL
28-7th Street Entry-Minneapolis, MN
29-Nutty's North-Sioux Falls, SD
31-Badlander-Missoula, Montana
Nov 1-Vera Project-Seattle, WA
7 -The Hemlock-San Francisco, CA
8 -Spaceland, LA, CA
4-Wonder ballroom w/ blitzen trapper-Portland, OR
Starfucker-Pop Song.mp3
Starfucker-German Love.mp3

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Some insightful insight on an exciting band - Good looks babycakes!