Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our next English Rose...

You might be expecting me to start blubbering on and on about Adele but I am most excited about the lovely lady Florence and The Machine. Friend to Dev Hynes of Lightspeed Champion (a.k.a. ex-Test Icicles member...yeah, remember them?) friend to Kate Nash(expect many comparisons to her fellow country-mate and songbird to pop up on the Blogs) and definitely a voice to reckon with. At least I reckon. Like any good female singer she has enough natural beauty and allure for all of the boys in her listening audience to completely over look the fact that she is talking about how badly you all seem to muck things up---in a voice drowning with spirit and spiked with a blue'sy influence that I think Amy Winehouse would be proud of if she were to sober up. (One should never lose hope, right?!) Her track, Girlwith1Eye is my personal favorite and I invite you to decide who she reminds you of, or just simply enjoy her, I know I do!
Florence and the Machine-Im Not Calling You A Liar.mp3
Florence and the Machine-Postcards from Italy(Beirut cover).mp3

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