Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yes yes yes!!!! My own lil' love affair...

OFFICIALLY back in business...oh dear blog, I MISSED YOU! And you dear dear reader if you stuck with are some goodies I have been LOVING lately, enjoy!
Thao and The Get Down, Stay Down-Bag of Hammers.mp3
Ghostland Observatory-Heavy Heart.mp3
Pomegranates-Thunder Meadow.mp3
Adele-Hometown Glory (live).mp3
Sons And Daughters-The Nest.mp3
Lightspeed Champion-Tell me what it's worth.mp3
These New Puritans-Elvis.mp3
Helio Sequence-Can't Say No.mp3


sarah said...

These are MUCH appreciated. Thankya!

sarah said...

PS- I may have to repost Thunder Meadow as it a spectacular song. Don't worry I'd credit you guys!