Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Wombats return to NYC

Springtime in the city...the birds are chirping before being scared off by the rats or the pigeons or the annoying dogs that look like rats OR pigeons. The trees prepare for beautiful new layers of florals or fauna. Everyone seems to magically become nicer versions of themselves with less to worry about and more time for drinks and laughter. But my most favorite thing about springtime in the city is that bands usually route through our little town after they venture up from steamy SXSW chaos before heading full tilt into the festival season. Lucky for us The Wombats are making the journey along with many more bands to be written about in the upcoming weeks. I was lucky enough to check out the Wombats last year during an NME sponsored showcase at the Annex and enjoyed every sugar coated, pop soaked second. They were youthful, lively and boy'ish in all of the right ways. March 17th at the Annex kiddies...you know where i'll be!
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