Monday, February 11, 2008

Because your eyes are my get away ship

The Shackeltons keep good company with some of my favorite people (Taken by the talented Doron Gild)
I keep waiting for the band The Shackeltons to blow up. Especially here on the east coast for these five local lads from Chambersburg, PA. Their sound is infectious and loud while their live performances are packed with energy and exhibit many hours of devotion and practice. They have been paying their dues playing various dates across the country for the past year including visits to the city for CMJ and upcoming plans for this years SXSW. I have a feeling 2008 holds some very good things for them, since their music completely deserves some attention. Hopefully they will decide to come back to New York and add to the already lively looking Spring calendar. In the meantime my favorite blog, My Old Kentucky Blog highlights them today with two songs for you to discover and covet.
The Shackeltons-Get out.mp3
TheShackeltons-The Breaks.mp3
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