Thursday, December 11, 2008

Davila 666

Davila 666 is a garage punk, psychedelic rock band from Puerto Rico and they are awesome. Their videos are beautiful as well. I know I have been very into posting the videos lately, but theirs are completely worthy.

The band is made up of: Sir Charles Davila (lead vocals), Panderetas
AJ Davila (vocals, banjo, guitar), Organo Miss Davila (rhythm guitar, backup vocals, Johnny Otis Davila (lead guitar, backup vocals), San Pablo Davila (bateria, guitar), Panda Davila( Pandereta, backup vocals) and Gigi Davila (guitar, backup vocals and bateria). Davila 666's song Basura is my favorite and you can find their album out on In The Red Records.

Davila 666-Dimelo Ya.mp3

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