Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh, well I know you soak your feathers baby upon the ghosts along my trail

One of my favorite things about a guitar is in the right hands it can be used to make sounds so trickling sweet and innocent that they can transport you to a completely different state of mind, even when you are stuck in the middle of a city where fresh air and wind are stifled and stolen by a moving mass of strangers daily. Sometimes you can tune all of that out and remember wide open spaces and the most native and natural of all human experiences such as a the first time you were trapped in a rainstorm or that first walk you took away from your first love. Such innocent snapshots of memories might be so sacred that you never share them and instead tuck them under the layers of your skin and clothing for safe keeping. Tallest Man On Earth is set to make New York audiences' blood flow thicker and faster this week with three upcoming shows opening for the mellifluous Bon Iver. Admitting to being exhausted and jet-lagged from his voyage from Sweden Kristian Matsson aka Tallest Man On Earth stalked about the Mercury Lounge stage ambling and side stepping but never once taking his eyes off of the prize...which could be you, my dear reader. He is steady in his delivery and calm in his study and has the ability to completely captivate everyone who is willing to listen. Unlike Bon Iver when Kirstian strums a sad song you still feel light at heart due to his fragile presence and joyful energy. He seemed as though he was without a care in world as his audience sweat in the closely packed and dimly lit venue, hoping to hear more stories from this man of Nordic land. The comparisons to Dylan are of course kept in the back of one's mind but it is because of the similarity of grace and adept ability that flows so naturally from his fingertips and lips. Ending the set with a two song encore that included a bleeding and broody version of a White Stripes song, Death Letter I was left as happy as can be and eager for Thursday nights' show. For those of you heading out to see Bon Iver and Tallest Man at the Town Hall and Williamsburg Music Hall shows later on this week, don't get there a second late. You will kick yourself later.
*Tallest Man On Earth in Australia singing my favorite of all his songs, Where Do My Bluebird Fly

The Tallest Man on Earth: Where Do My Bluebird Fly from shoottheplayer on Vimeo.
Tallest Man on Earth-Pistol Dreams.mp3
Tallest Man On Earth-I Won't Be Found.mp3
The Tallest Man On Earth-Over The Hills.mp3
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