Monday, December 8, 2008

I cursed these legs I walked on

In Ear Park is the perfect record for that transition that happens to light during the colder months where in late October it goes from being strands of thick, golden warmth into strained weak translucent lemon light by the early December. Maybe it was my time that I spent in Southern France or my love of the Impressionists but I have always had a fond affection for the evaporating element of light and adore late afternoon winter light the best above all else. Sitting tucked into my bed and reading by my window Department of Eagles was the perfect companion. The band formed back in 2001 thanks to New York University where Daniel Rossen (who went onto join Grizzly Bear) met Fred Nicolaus. The two roomed together, discussing and sharing music theory and preferences leading to them making a sample CD that they originally planned to only distribute amongst friends. These early tracks ended up being released via California-based independent record label, Isota Records under the name, Whitney on The Moon UK. To avoid a possible encounter with a San Francisco band the two changed their band name to Department of Eagels. The album In Ear Park was named after a park in Los Angeles where Rossen used to go with his father, who recently passed away. In January the band commences a mini-tour including an upcoming date at Bowery Ballroom on Monday, January 19th. Ticket are already on sale.
**************DEPARTMENT OF EAGELS TOUR DATES****************
Jan 15-Schuba’s Tavern-Chicago, Illinois
Jan 16-Wexner Center for the Arts-Columbus, Ohio
Jan 17-Johnny Brenda’s-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 18-The Brattle Theatre-Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jan 19-The Bowery Ballroom-New York, New York
Department of Eagels-In Ear Park.mp3
Department of Eagels-Teenagers.mp3
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