Friday, December 12, 2008

Poor Emma, we feel bad for you, 'YES WE DID' and other happenings of '08: TOP ALBUMS OF THE YEAR (for me and eric)

First and foremost every good music listener has someone that they share everything with because loving something as much as i love music is never truly complete unless you share it with those who are always there for you. Most of my past music education over the few years has stemmed from Eric's knowledge of The Grateful Dead, The Band, Antony and the Johnsons, Bonnie Prince Billy and many more and this year I was finally able to give a little bit back. Along with his top picks he listed his top 11 shows of the year as well. Since we spent most of the year collectively ohhhh'ing and ahhhhh'ing over Bon Iver we once mentioned in passing conversation how we felt bad for poor Emma. As the rest of the world was delighting over sickening love songs by Mr. Emma, she was out there knowing all of this was written about her. And so, Emma this is for you. Here's to a happy and healthy 2009!!!

*****************Top Ten Albums of 2008 for Mr. Eric*****************

1.Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
2. The Felice Brothers-The Felice Brothers
3.Lykke Li-Youth Novels
4.Cat Power-Jukebox
5. The Black Keys-Attack and Release
6. The Tallest Man on Earth-Shallow Graves
7. Small Sur-We Live In Houses Made of Wood
8. The Rosewood Thieves-Rise and Shine
9. Horse Feathers-House With No Home
10. Bob Dylan-Tell Tale Signs

+1 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy–Lie Down in the Light

******Top Ten Concerts********

1.Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble, Levon Helm Studios, September 6, 2008
2.Bon Iver, Bowery Ballroom, July 29, 2008
3.Radiohead, All Points West Festival, August 8, 2008
4.The Felice Brothers / AA Bondy, The Bearsville Theatre, April 26, 2008
5.The Black Crowes (Acoustic), Town Hall, November 3
6.Horse Feathers / The Rosewood Thieves / Small Sur, Union Hall, November 21, 2008
7.Adele, Joe's Pub, March 17, 2008
8. Bob Dylan, The Prospect Park Bandshell, August 12, 2008
9.The Cave Singers, The Mercury Lounge, May 6, 2008
10.Rodriguez, Joe's Pub, September 3, 2008

+1 The Raconteurs, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, May 4, 2008


******2008, thank you, from shelves of vinyl*******

1. The Black Keys-Attack and Release
2. Dr. Dog-Fate
3. Bon Iver-For Emma, Forever Ago
4. Lykke Li-Youth Novel
5. Hercules and Love Affair-Hercules and Love Affair
6. Helio Sequence-Keep Your Eyes Ahead
7. Ra Ra Riot-Rhumb Line
8. Tobacco-Fucked Up Friends
9. Elliott Brood-Mountain Meadow
10.Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes

11. Friendly Fires-Friendly Fires
12. Crystal Castles-Crystal Castles
13. Tallest Man on Earth-Shallow Grave
14. El Guincho-Alegranza!
15. Starfucker-Starfucker
16. Moondoggies-Don't Be A Stranger
17. Noah and the Whale-Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
18.School of Seven Bells-Alpinisms

School of Seven Bells-Half Asleep.mp3
Moondoggies-Long Time Coming.mp3
Dr. Dog-From.mp3
Fleet Foxes-Meadowlarks.mp3
El Guincho-Costa Paraiso.mp3
Friendly Fires- Jump In The Pool.mp3


Anonymous said...

shelves of v - i'm surprised ebk left off "singing dragon" in his list of best concerts... you may have to post an addendum.

"team flannel" pdh

Anonymous said...

also, here's my top ten.

1. bon iver - for emma forever ago
2. department of eagles - in ear park
3. plants and animals - parc avenue
4. horse feathers - house with no name
5. shearwater - rook
6. small sur - we live in houses made of wood
7. lykke li - youth novel
8. felice brothers - the felice brothers
9. cat power - jukebox
10. fleet foxes - fleet foxes


Shelves of Vinyl said...

oohhhh paul! i absolutely love that you have department of eagles and shearwater on yours. those were two i was sad to leave off! see, we are incomplete without you! :)

j said...

sher, could you use any more ! marks. just kidding-awesome end of the year list. glad you stuck to the black keys since you wouldnt shut up about them back in july! we miss you. come visit soon.