Thursday, December 11, 2008

in 2009 we get new YEASAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Yeasayer this past Saturday at Williamsburg Music Hall
I could not be awaiting an album with more anticipation than the new Yeasayer album. This past weekend I saw them at Williamsburg Music Hall in front of a sold out hometown audience almost exactly a year to the date from their sold out show at the Mercury Lounge. I was so in love with them back then that it is hard for me to break it down into exactly what has changed in the band or how it makes me feel but i know it is all a very good thing. They have taken their already beautiful songs and strong sets and taken to another level of being so smooth and seamless you would have thought they have about four or five albums and tours of experience behind them. Their show on Saturday found them as tight as I have ever seen them after fourteen months of various cities and venues. The intros into their songs were the longest they have ever lavished upon my ears and they seemed so happy to be home that their overwhelming joy was immediately contagious and spread across the crowd graciously gathered awaiting their every strum of their guitars and beat of their drums, bongos, cymbals, keyboard strokes...etc. It is going to be highly enjoyable to see where their next album takes them and I cannot wait for more tour dates to be announced once they have given themselves a bit of a rest. They are one of my favorite bands on the scene and for all of those people who say there is nothing like old music and records and there are no good bands I just cannot even listen to them whine anymore. With bands like Panda Bear, Yeasayer, Cat Power, The National, Magnetic Fields, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The Dodos, Arctic Monkeys, LCD Soundsystem, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Hot Chip there is more talent than you can spend time listening to and I could not be happier for feeling this way every day.

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