Monday, December 8, 2008

Excited about upcoming Animal Collective tour dates and album?!

Need something to listen to and hold you over until Merriweather Post Pavillion comes out and you can hop about at their upcoming shows in January? I have two bands that you might want to check out and have probably already heard of. Lemonade and El Guincho have been touring consistantly throughout these late weeks of 2008 and even performing together in select cities. Lemonade hail from San Francisco and El Guincho are from Barcelona. Both bands have the ability to transport you mentally to warmer locations and days and have me longing for a mini-break from New York for a bit...just a little bit.
El Guincho-Kalise Video

*This is SOOooooo one of those videos you would expect to see on a large wall in some dive bar in Williamsburg, you know the types---which doesn't keep me from loving it as much as i do.
**************El Guincho On TOur************
30~Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney, Australia
31-Laneway Festival~Brisbane, Australia
1-Laneway Festival~Melbourne, Australia
5-The Corner~Melbourne, Australia
6-Laneway Festival~Perth, Australia
7 Laneway Festival~Adelaide, Australia
8-Laneway Festival~Sydney, Australia
El Guincho-Antillas.mp3
El Guincho-Palmitos Park.mp3
El Guincho-Kalise.mp3

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