Monday, August 4, 2008

Despite my best ambitions...

There is something so incredibly delicious about swimming. One of my earliest memories was my first swimming lesson. The water was unbearably frigid and I did not enjoy it all. Screaming with tears streaming down my face I would not unleash my chubby arms from the neck of Pam, my beloved babysitter and unfortunate instructor. Once immersed and comfortable that was the end of the story for I became infatuated with the water from that day forward. Maybe it comes from growing up on a river that feeds into the majestic and unique Chesapeake Bay or maybe it was because as soon as it was warm enough I would ride my bike every day to our local watering hole and not return until it was dinnertime. My entire childhood was spent in, on or near the water and I was certain I would dedicate my education and adult life to preserving what was so beloved to my heart. Unfortunately I discovered New York and the reality of politics surrounding lobbying for environmental protection and have taken the weaker way out. But my love for the slickness and crispness of the waves and my respect for the creatures that call these places their home has never left me and never will. Floating in between that upper layer of sun-soaked surface wetness and the cool depths below you truly feel you are blessed for being a creature of our earth. The only sounds that penetrate your ears are the bits of coral crumbling under the hungry mouths of the fish feeding upon their jagged edges. Dark navy blue fins dotted with irridescent baby blue sparkels are my favorites to seek out. They hide under the large orange fans that drift with the waves, both coinciding peacefully as they have for ages. Yesterday afternoon while wadding out into the azure sea a little fish no longer than my pinkie took a liking to me and swam circles around my belly for a good thirty minutes. He would hide behind my back dodging my fingers that playfully chased him around the front and then hide again. To see if he really was interested in playing I took a couple of curious side strokes and he happily kept by my side. I decided to name him Claude. After my sister inquired, why Claude i responded with, 'because he is such a little flirt he must be french.' For you my dear little Claude I give you the lovely Jessica Lea Mayfield. This talented songstress has opened for both the Black Keys and the Avett Brothers on numerous occasions and has the lit of a skylark. At the tender age of 19 she recently was on the Black Keys last album, Attack and Release on the last track. Unfortunately I could only find one track to share with you, but I invite you to check her out. She is worth the gander.
Jessica Lea Mayfield-For Today.mp3

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