Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Working Poor

During my vacation I started reading The Fountainhead written by the prolific and visionary author Ayn Rand. Since I have had a hard time putting her pages to rest and find myself looking at everything differently. There is almost nothing like a good book, except for of course, good music. The Fountainhead touches on numerous social and philosophical issues, one of which was the working class conditions in New York in the early stages of my families' beginnings. Tenements squashed in the East Village that seeped with foreign languages, dedicated freedom seekers and devilishly hard working families trying to get by. These stories of hardship and heartbreak ran through the streets of the Lower East Side in turn influencing the likes of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. Folk songs are so vital to our existence as a species that it allowed me to have a some what competitive discussion with my labor rights lawyer father as to why music is so important to me as a career choice. (He is dreadfully supportive--he is just also the biggest salt thrower I have ever met, but it keeps one incredibly honest having to constantly back up what you preach...) Tossing out the likes of David Vandervelde, Bonnie Prince Billy, Cat Power and one of my recent discoveries Horsefeathers I covered all my bases and left him somewhat convinced. Or at least charmed. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Horsefeathers first captured attention after their release, Words Are Dead back in 2006. Justin Ringle, Peter Broderick, and Heather Broderick are the spirit of truth and justice and soothe as much of your social unrest that is possible these days to cure with armed with a banjo, violin and guitar. There must be something in the air for those Northwestern bands. Now if only we could mix that with a bit of New York stutter and vigour- what a scene that could be. There upcoming album, House With No Home is due out September 9th via Kill Rock Star records.
HorseFeathers-Mother's Sick.mp3
Horsefeathers-Working Poor.mp3
Horsefeathers-In Our Blood.mp3

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