Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Okkervil River Stand-In Sessions

Maybe it is just within my group of friends but I feel like people do not give Okkervil River enough credit. My affection was borne during my time spent with Down the River of Golden Dreams, an album that changed the inner pace of music I was listening to at the time and forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. It was not only Will Sheff's trembling voice, or the fact that the band coined it's name after a short story by one of my favorite authors, or that I have a secret desire to one day live in Austin, which the band calls home-but these factors did help my admiration to grow. With each project since that first listen-(Black Sheep Boy,The Stage Names, The Stand Ins) along with Sheff's and Meiburgs' side project, Shearwater they have consistently created lush lyrically laden records that over flow with sentiment and intimacy. I am not the only one who seems to have noticed. Recently Bon Iver and David Vandervelde have covered songs by my beloved River folk. Of course since it is Bon Iver (covering Blue Tulip) and David (taking a turn at Singer Songwriter) they sound striking and eerie at the same time, each in their own delicate way.

I hope someone covers Love to A Monster next...

Lover, now that you've left me, I'm glad you're unlovely.
Because if you could take all the heat in your heart and just hang it from you,
I wouldn't be able to bear the way you cannot love me.
It's much easier of me make a monster out of you.

And so here I go, substituting the glow from your temples,
all our sighs and our trembles, and each last letter sent you
from the cheap little pen of this weak little man
- the one singing - out his jangling, ringing
and hopefully stinging attack upon you.

Okkervil River-Love To A Monster.mp3
Okkervil River-Lost Coastlines.mp3
Okkervil River-Pop Lie.mp3
Okkervil River-For Real.mp3
Okkervil River-Do What You Gotta Do.mp3
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